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Ayurveda treatment for Migraine

A headache may be dull or sharp associated with vomiting at times, photophobia is called the trouble some disease migraine. Migraine is one of the common causes of recurrent headache. Migraine constitutes 16% of the primary headache and affects 10-20% of the genaral population . The diagniosis is mainly based on clinical history. Moreover unilateral headache with paroxysmal nature is the symptom mentioned for the disease migraine (Ardhavabhedaka).

Patients who do not respond to conventional method of treatment develop different kinds of side-effects. Globally, patients have been seeking various non-conventional modes of therapy for the management of their headaches.

An Ayurvedic Treatment Protocol for migraine comprising of Ayurveda medicines ,panchkarma therapy, yoga along with regulated diet and lifestyle modifications such as minimum 8 hrs sleep, 30-60 min morning or evening walk and abstention from smoking/drinking is what we do here at Sanjeeva Ayurveda Medical Spa . The duration of the treatment is 60-90 days along with 14days residential panchakarma therapy in two divided part of 7 days each.

During the residential treatment apart from oil therapies like shirodhara,sirovasthi we do nasyam for migraine. Nasya karma acts upon Central Nervous system(CNS). The texts of Ayurveda consider nose as an easy pharmacological passage into the head and thus the therapy is helpful to clense the CNS. Nasyam along with snehapana of medicated ghritam results are highly encouraging.