About Us

General Information on Vedic Wellness Ayurvedic Treatment

Across the world, Ayurvedic treatment is becoming recognized as a highly sophisticated and scientifically based system of healing. Vedic Wellness Ayurveda, which was established in 2003 in Kolkata, is the foremost Ayurvedic healing center in Eastern India.

It has brought together some of the top Ayurvedacharyas and therapists from all over India. The Spa's practice of sourcing original herbal formulas from the Himalayas and South India, along with its own organic farms, has also ensured purity of its treatments.

At present, the 12,000 sq ft facility has 12 immaculate 5 star treatment rooms with more than 20 trained and experienced therapists led by Ayurvedacharya Dr. Prabhat Kr. Bal.

For its international patients, Vedic Wellness Ayurveda offers 5 star resort facilities and a serene, relaxing ambience that enhances the healing process.

The Vedic Village resort is experienced in catering to the tastes and preferences of international and corporate visitors. The resort backdrop ensures the time between treatments can be spent well engaged in a wide range of healthy and enjoyable activities if desired.