Ayurveda Shirodhara
Day Therapies

Daily Yoga Sessions at Sanjeeva Ayurveda Wellness Spa

We conduct daily Yoga Sessions at Sanjeeva Ayurveda Wellness Spa.

This is a rare opportunity to practice and study a 5,000 year old tradition.

The Yoga we teach here incorporates the whole person, not just the physical body - it promotes the balance between body, mind, emotions and spirit. Through awakening individuals' awareness and inherent self-healing powers, physical diseases and mental stress are managed and relieved. There is an emphasis on awareness and aspirants are encouraged to learn about all aspects of their personality through Yoga.

The sessions are being given to demonstrate that Yoga can be for everyone, no experience necessary!!! The sessions are intended to get people started in Yoga practice while they are here in Vedic Village. After some time students will have cultivated their own personal practice which they can continue anywhere.

For timings please contact Sanjeeva Reception.

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